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About Dr. Janice Doan and what patients are saying about her and A+ Family Dentistry.

My day starts with me waking up, getting ready and get my son ready. I would prepare for his lunch and making sure he has everything that he needs on that day. Here’s your lunch. Okay. And then once I do that, I go to the gym and get my workout, get back home, get ready for work. And once I get to the office, I start preparing for the day.

We’ve really worked toward building relationships with patients and not just having the patient coming in for dental care only and then leave us and then that’s it. We want to explain every step that we do during the procedure and even afterward so then that way, repetition keep reminding them why they here, what the reason. So the more they hear about it, the more they are able to make better decisions for themselves about their own dental care.

I took out my son to the dentist first to get him taken care of. And once I saw how they treated my son, then that made me want to stay there and then take myself here. Their customer service has been the best I’ve ever seen.

I mean, the thing is is that when you come here, it’s like a family setting while they are very efficient and you can get in and get out, and they get the job done very well. Their products are good. I’ve never actually had to come back for anything. But it gives you that family feel. Like your friend the second you walk in the door.

It’s nice to go to people that I like and trust because I feel like I’m taken care of, and I feel like the recommendations that they’re going to make to me, there’s a solid basis for that, and I feel like when I come here, really the sole focus is on me as the patient.

Well, if I had to refer somebody in, I’m going to tell them, “Listen, all you have to do is walk in the door. They will take care of it from there. And you’re going to walk out happy guaranteed.”

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