The advanced years of a loved one’s life carries its own set of challenges, especially on the oral front. An entry in the Dentistry and Medicine blog describes more fully that dilemma:

Dental Implants

“Today, the aging population includes the elderly and the geriatric population. With the increase in life expectancy and overall improved quality of life in the current aging population, there is a greater demand for dental care. While there are fewer missing teeth in this population than in the past, replacement of missing teeth continues to be a concern. While fixed bridgework replaces a few missing teeth, removable, partial or complete dentures have been the treatments of choice for multiple missing teeth. Both removable, partial and complete dentures provide less patient satisfaction than a full complement of natural teeth. Prostheses like these dentures provide less stability, chewing force and sensory input.”

The articles’ important points will not be lost on elderly residents of San Diego, California. Approximately 5.8% of the city’s 1.3-million strong population are in their 60s while 7.6% are at least 70 years old. When the issues of oral health among seniors are too dangerous to ignore, a skilled dentist in San Diego like one from A+ Family Dentistry will be eager to welcome and help you.

A consultation with your preferred dentist may reveal the extent of your loved one being without teeth, or the degree of tooth loss. The procedures will include a dental X-ray and evaluations of the patient’s eating habits; nutrition issues do flare up among seniors like those who prefer fast food. You must also comfort your loved one and convince them that further treatments are necessary, as some elder patients claim they’re too old to see a dentist.

The jawbone recedes faster with more teeth gone; the article noted the case of the mandible with severely receded gums amidst a cuspid and bicuspid still standing. Many dental practitioners, however, are looking at dental implants to stop this problem.

Dental implants are titanium posts designed to be inserted right into the gums, where they will bond with the remaining jawbone mass. While the article noted the loose fits of traditional dentures amidst a receded gumline, implants act as the foundation to support them. A dentist who knows how to install San Diego dental implants only needs to drill corresponding holes into the dentures and treat the gums to lock them in.

It’s not uncommon for elderly loved ones to suffer problems with their teeth. Effective treatment will make all the difference for them.

(Source: Dental Implants: A Treatment for the Geriatric (Elderly) Person, Dentistry and Medicine)