There are dangers lurking beneath the teeth that must be dealt with, and a dentist can help. In her December 8, 2011 article for Yahoo!! Health, writer Holly Corbett says:

Poor Dental Care

“Even if you brush your teeth daily, you may still have dangerous bacteria growing inside your mouth. Not only could that lead to periodontitis (an advanced form of gum disease that comes with symptoms such as bleeding when you brush and gum pain), but studies also find a link between poor oral hygiene and major health issues.”

The fact that various health issues can be indirectly triggered as a result of less-than-effective oral hygiene is something San Diego residents can relate to. Studies have shown that at least one in every two adult Americans over 30 years old suffer from gum disease. You must consult a reputable San Diego dentist like Drs. Justene and Janice Doan, DDS, of A+ Family Dentistry about the effects and the solutions.

Breathe, Breathe

Halitosis, or bad breath, is already a nasty problem when you don’t brush well. Some healthcare experts are also cautious about dental bacteria being a precursor for respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia. Corbett states that oral bacteria stand a chance of making it into the lungs and causing breathing problems from the inflammation.

I Can’t Remember…

As crazy as it may sound to some people, memory loss can be one of the long-term effects of periodontal disease, and tooth loss in the later years is a culprit. A few studies established a link between oral bacteria ending up in nerves directing to the brain– and contribute AOL desktop gold support number to plaque that increases the odds of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Have a Heart, Man

A bout of gum disease can pave the way for cardiovascular disorders such as coronary artery disease. Some internal medicine practitioners claim that the bacteria from plaque can seep down the blood vessels and raise the odds of heart attack by attaching to material for blood clots. A recent test program in Australia, however, revealed that a serious teeth cleaning prevents the development of the clot-causing bacteria.

The Turnaround

Competent Poway dentists such as A+ Family Dentistry’s Dr. Roger Tran, DDS, are capable of conducting in-house treatments and advising you on home care solutions to avert gum disease. Corbett quotes a Philadelphia dentist as saying that twice-daily mouthwash use reduces the odds by 60%; flossing before you brush dislodges plaque as well. Make it a point to replace your toothbrush every three months.

Cleaning your teeth thoroughly will help avoid bigger dangers if you know how. Your dentist will guide you through it.

(Source: 5 Ways Poor Dental Care Makes You Sick, Yahoo! Health, December 8, 2011)