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Keys to a Healthy Smile After 40

7 Secrets to Feeling 7 Years Younger

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Busting the Myth About Plastic Surgery

Keys to a Healthy Smile After 40

This book shatters the myth that plastic surgery is the best way to rejuvenate your face. The truth is – the best way to rejuvenate your face is to have a healthy smile. Most people have no club that they can prevent disease and reverse aging through property dental care. It’s not their fault-no one has taken the time to explain the truth. Until now.

Dr. Justene Doan & Dr. Janice Doan reveal why you need different dental care after age 40. They share seven secrets to feeling seven years younger.

You can become more healthier, more confident, and more attractive by following their proven system. It’s not too late to turn back the clock and regain a beautiful, youthful smile!

About the Authors

Dr. Justene Doan and Dr. Janice Doan, are dentist and founders of A+ Family Dentistry. The Doan sisters understand dental care both personally and professionally. They both have beautiful, healthy white smiles today-but it wasn’t always that way. This book reveals the miraculous story of their harrowing escape from Vietnam to America. After receiving dental care in the US and experiencing first-hand the transformation in their smiles, the Doan sisters decided to become dentists. They now help their patients regain their health, confidence, and smiles.

Justene Doan, DDS

Janice Doan, DDS

Keys to a Healthy Smile After 40 will cover
7 Secrets to Feeling 7 Years Younger:

Losing Teeth Is Unavoidable

Going To The Dentist Is Expensive

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