Children are more vulnerable than adults in a lot of ways, especially when it comes to dental health. In 2010, the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine Journal published a survey that discovered that around 7.5 million children between the ages of six to twelve experienced a toothache during a period of six months. Additionally, one in seven children reported feeling pain associated with a toothache. This is where a skilled San Diego dentist who knows about pediatric dentistry would be able to help. There are several ways pediatric dentists help children with their dental health:

Increasing frequency of pediatric dental visits helps prevent tooth decay, Dentistry IQ


The primary reason you want to take your children to a pediatric dentist is that they know how teeth develop and know how to ensure that they grow healthy, especially those of younger people. Pediatric dentists are also aware of specific problems that can plague children’s teeth like teething problems and baby bottle tooth decay. Regular checkups let dentists see the development of teeth and ensure that they are well-taken care of. Children should be taken in for a check within six months of their first tooth erupting. Afterwards, six months between each visit is often a good idea. You can also ask for dental care tips for your children during these visits.


Another reason for these checkups is that pediatric dentists can use the time to perform some much-needed dental cleaning. Even if your child is diligent in brushing their teeth, stubborn dirt and plaque can still build up. Dentists have specific tools like scrapers that can remove them. They’re not just limited to teeth though; gums, jaws, and other parts of the mouth will receive an inspection and be cleaned, too. After the cleaning, pediatric dentists often help educate children on how to properly brush or floss their teeth.


Cleaning, however, is not enough; additional procedures are often done to further protect children’s teeth. One of these is fluoridation. Dentists would know whether to apply fluoride to teeth. When fluoride is applied, the molecular structure of teeth are then altered, making them tougher against the acid produced by bacteria which helps halt the spread of tooth decay.


Another service that professional Poway pediatric dentistry clinics like those offered by A+ Family Dentistry can perform is to apply dental sealants. These can be immediately applied as soon as a tooth erupts, which can benefit your child greatly. A thin resin that is applied to the grooves and fissures of your teeth, they prevent food from getting stuck and help prevent the start of tooth decay.

Remember: keep your children’s dental health in mind and let a good pediatric dentist guide them to excellent dental health.

(Source: Increasing frequency of pediatric dental visits helps prevent tooth decay, Dentistry IQ)