Some people have all kinds of reasons for not going to the dentist, from the smell of disinfectant to the sound of whirring drills. This can be dangerous, as not going to the dentist is detrimental to anyone’s oral and dental health. As such, many a caring San Diego dentist should know what causes such apprehensions to manifest in their patients and how best to alleviate them.

Dental -Easing Dental Phobia in Adults (cont.)

Causes of Distress

According to, there are a myriad of reasons why patients become fidgety when they’re seated in the dentist’s chair. One of the most common ones is the fear of pain. Usually, this stigma results from a bad experience with a dental procedure early on in a patient’s life or even stories they hear from friends.

Another fear that stems from pain would be the use of needles. The same article states that patients become uneasy when they see a syringe because they’re afraid that the injection or anesthesia won’t work, which would mean that they would feel the whole procedure. This can also be attributed to the feeling of helplessness and loss of control.


That said, an article from the Epoch Times gives some advice on handling patients with dental phobia. On the side of the patient, they should feel comfortable with their attending dentist; if they feel uncomfortable, they should communicate such anxiety to their dentist right away.

On the dentist’s side, he or she should be accommodating when dealing with their patients. This means that apart from having an approachable demeanor, their facilities should also exude a friendly aura. For instance, a friendly dentist in Poway like one from A+ Family Dentistry makes it a point to be sure his patients are comfortable before, during, and after every dental procedure. Such dentists also use the latest in dental technology in order to ensure the very best results.

In the end, dentists who are cordial with their patients─ like the professionals from A+ Family Dentistry─ can dispel all their fears and help them look forward to every single appointment. Trust in them and your dental health won’t want for anything.

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