Home whitening kits are a cheap substitute for going to your dentist for an expert whitening treatment. There are several reasons why people should avoid them at all costs – they can do more harm than good and leave you having to pay hundreds of dollars to correct the damage. Today we’re discussing why you should avoid these at-home kits for teeth whitening in San Diego.

1. False Advertising: Many of these cheap home-whitening kits claim that they will whiten your teeth in two weeks or less. Typically this isn’t going to happen, no matter what they advertise. They may trick you into believing this, but keep in mind that the people they have advertising them are in reality paid actors.

2. Expensive: Teeth whitening kits are quite expensive, with some costing over $100. You could pay that and your teeth may never get any whiter, while a simple trip to your teeth whitening dentist in San Diego could ensure that your teeth are whitened correctly, and in most cases it will be covered by insurance.

3. Gum Damage: Unfortunately many people do not realize the amount of damage they can cause to their gums as a result of these at-home whitening sessions. Gums can become inflamed and red because of whitening. It may also cause intense pain and swelling.

4. Teeth Pain and Damage: If you have sensitive teeth, a whitening kit can cause tooth pain; in fact, many people have reported severe pain after using a whitening kit. Existing dental repairs have also been damaged during the whitening process due to the mixture in the kit being too strong and abrasive for the teeth.

5. Allergic Reaction: Allergies can flare up when using teeth whitening products. There are often added chemicals that can cause an allergic reaction that can include peeling gums, inflamed mouth, rash, or even a swollen tongue or throat. An allergic reaction can occur even if you have used whitening agents in the past and didn’t experience a problem.

6. Possibility of Overdosing: You can overdose your teeth with these teeth whitening kits. This can discolor your teeth, and cause severe pain and damage to your teeth and gums.

7. Neglected Dental Care: Many people who whiten their teeth put off going to the dentist. They may think that because their teeth look white, they have no underlying issues. They could be missing major oral health problems and whitening may cause some of those problems.

Trusting your teeth-whitening dentist in San Diego is a much better option than doing it yourself. Just because at home whitening kits are popular doesn’t mean that they are the best option. They can cause a broad array of problems including pain and suffering for the user. The best course of action when it comes to wanting whiter teeth is to see your dentist.

If you are interested in expert tooth whitening in San Diego – don’t risk damaging your smile – call our office today to schedule a consultation