What? Termites in your bone?  Let me explain.

jaw-bone-structureTermites invade your house and then live there. You can’t really see it unless you go below the surface or inside the walls. Sometimes you see it rotting your door. However, no matter how much you clean the house, you will never get rid of the termites yourself. If you don’t solve the problem, you will not have a house anymore. Gum disease is no different. It is the bacteria in the mouth that is eating your jaw bone. Many people who have it, don’t know it.  People who have it start to have swollen gums, bleeding gums, bad breath, loose teeth, root decay, tooth pain, tooth ache, and/or gum recession. They don’t even have pain until the late stages. No matter how much you brush or floss, you will never get rid of it yourself.  It is an infection in your mouth. And if you don’t treat the problem, you won’t have any teeth. If you have missed your appointment or have not been to the dentist for more than 6 months or longer. You are allowing the bacteria to get inside your jaw bone. And once they find a home there, they stay there for good. Studies show 75% of people have some kind of gum disease. It is a major problem that many people have; and we don’t want you to suffer.

We can help!

The best way to preventing gums disease is: getting regular checkups with your dentist, a cleaning every 3-6 months, flossing and brushing 2-3 times daily. Treating gum disease varies depending on how severe it is. Sometimes, it’s just a simple cleaning. Other times, we will first need to go under the gums and get rid of the bacteria that live there.  Other times, we may need to perform surgery on your gums. The worst case scenario is that you would need tooth extraction, dentures, and dental implants. Let’s not get to that point.

At A+ Family Dentistry, we have incorporated “Lasers Gum Disease Treatment” into our practice. It is a great way to help treat periodontal disease without surgery! However, there are times when surgery is needed. If that is the case, we do have one of the best Periodontist in town, Dr. Gary Sigafoos. He can help add jaw bone wherever possible and remove most of the bacteria infection in the jaw bone.

If you need more information, please call us and schedule an appointment with either our San Diego office (619) 265-2467 or Poway office (858) 748-5100.