Surely you’ve stopped believing in the existence of flying spirits that exchange lost molars for pennies (though your kids may be another story). Other than the Tooth Fairy, however, there are other misconceptions about dental care that some parents still believe to be true. For instance: did you know that giving your kids aspirin for their toothache is a bad idea because it could burn their gums? You can ask your dentist about this and similar myths and he’ll be very glad to straighten things out for you, starting with:


Fruit Juices Won’t Hurt their Teeth

There’s nothing wrong with impressing the importance of a healthy diet upon your child early on, but make sure to watch their consumption of fruit juices. Like drinking sodas or eating candies, excessive fruit juice consumption could put them at greater risk of tooth decay since these contain sugar, which is the largest culprit behind tooth decay.

Children Can’t Have Gum Diseases

Gum disease is one of the most dreaded dental complications among adults, but this doesn’t mean that your kid need only worry about it once they reach adulthood. Cavities and tooth decay might be the biggest dental problem among kids, but they can also acquire gum disease if you don’t make sure that they’re practicing proper oral hygiene, like brushing and flossing.

There’s No Need to Worry about your Kids’ Teeth

Some parents believe that, since baby or primary teeth are merely temporary and will fall out eventually, there’s really no need to take their children’s dental care seriously. What they don’t know, however, is that not only can their kids’ teeth decay, but they can also be infected and negatively impact the growth of permanent teeth.

Others, meanwhile, believe that it’s best to wait for their kid’s permanent teeth to appear before visiting a dentist. Doing this, however, could only cause two irreversible effects: either a tooth must be extracted or jaw surgery will be deemed necessary. To keep these from happening, seek help from a family dental clinic like A+ Family Dentistry in Poway, CA as soon as your child turns a year old.


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