Whenever you visit the dentist, do you feel that you’re being asked too many questions? You don’t have to panic. If a trusted dentist in San Diego like the ones at A+ Family Dentistry asks you questions, rest assured, these questions are for your own good.

Dental Records

What are the questions for?

Before any dental procedure, it is extremely important that a dentist takes down a dental record for his patient. That’s why your dentist asks you a lot of lifestyle and health-related questions, some of which might even be too personal from your point of view. Incidentally, a patient’s dental record is always updated during every appointment, therefore your dentist may keep asking you the same questions as before.

The American Dental Association explains why a dental record is necessary:

The dental record, also referred to as the patient’s chart, is the official office document that records all of the treatment done and all patient-related communications that occur in the dental office. State and federal laws or regulations determine how it is handled, how long it is kept and who may have access to the information. This record provides for continuity of care for the patient.

If you should ever need to switch dentists, complete and accurate records contain enough information to allow your new dentist to treat you in a safe and effective manner. Today, many dentists are making use of computerized systems to maintain patient dental records. Electronic records have great quality and patient-safety benefits.

Your dental records help determine your diagnosis and treatment.

Dentists use the information written in your dental record to make a diagnosis, and also to look for any existing problems that might lead to complications in the future. With a dental record, the dentist can easily detail to the patient what needs to be done so that the patient may better understand why he will need a certain dental procedure.

Taking down a patient’s information and creating and updating a dental record for him is a vital part of a dentist’s job. So when the time comes for a dental visit, regardless if it’s your first or follow-up appointment, don’t be surprised at how many questions the dentist or his assistant might ask. They are designed to make your dental procedures—whether they include San Diego dental implants, tooth extractions, or a simple cleaning—the safest they can be.

(Source: Dental Records, American Dental Association)