At A+ Family Dentistry, we have always valued each patient’s comfort. We know that many patients may be uneasy or even afraid when it comes to dental visits, so we do anything we can to turn those negative notions around. We employ the gentlest methods of treatment, individualized care, and an overall friendly environment in our dental offices to give you a positive experience.

We also go beyond the conventional means to reach you with news about our practice and other information that you might find useful. We send weekly emails to our patients to keep you updated about our office. We also update a blog you can subscribe to for instructive articles and company updates. Aside from those online means of communication, we are on social media as well! We have an active Facebook page that’s synced to our accounts on Twitter and Instagram. We also have a YouTube channel and a Google+ page.

What You Get When You Follow Us

When you follow us online, you can stay updated with our offices in San Diego and Poway and with the whole A+ Family Dentistry team. You’ll also see some of our events, such as our holiday or birthday celebrations, charity events, and the continuing education conferences or lectures that our team attends.

Read reviews from our previous and current patients about their experience with us. Aside from written reviews, we also have video testimonials from some of our valued patients. If you’re still hesitant to come see us for your dental concerns, maybe they can encourage you to visit us and have your own wonderful time at our office.

Take advantage of our company promotions. We have monthly games for our patients, wherein you can win prizes. Recently, we’ve given away professional whitening treatments, a Sonicare toothbrush, luxury movie tickets, and Costco gift cards. We’re planning to give more exciting prizes soon, especially to our loyal patients!

We blog about common dental concerns and procedures, too. Learn from our informative posts and guides so you can take better care of your teeth and gums. Find out what dental procedures you may need to correct certain flaws or conditions, how they’re done, and what you should remember when you get them.

For more inquiries and updates about A+ Family Dentistry, please call our offices at 619-265-2467 (San Diego) or 858-748-5100 (Poway).