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Our team of friendly doctors provide all the dental services you may need, including specialist treatment.

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Welcome to our practice

Our team of experienced doctors provide almost all of the dental services you may need under one roof, including specialist treatment. Our doctors are friendly and knowledgeable, and they take the time to really listen to your needs and concerns. They are known by our patients for their caring treatment, clear explanations of procedures and excellent chairside manners.

Friendly, knowledgeable dentistry in a welcoming environment

Dr. Roger Tran and Dr. Justene Doan opened our office in 2002. They were joined by three associates: Dr. Janice Doan, who is a cosmetic and general dentist, and our two specialists, Dr. Gary Sigafoos (periodontist) and Dr. Mark Karpman (endodontist). A periodontist is a specialist in the treatment of the gums and other tissues surrounding the teeth, and an endodontist is a specialist in root canal treatment.

Our doctors are highly trained and experienced in their respective fields of dentistry, and they continue to stay up to date on the latest developments with regular continuing education courses.

Our doctors are very personable and will treat you like members of their family. They take a personal interest in helping you achieve your oral health and smile goals. Our practice is all about making sure our patients get the dental work they need in the most affordable and comfortable way possible. We are open late and also have Saturday hours to accommodate patients who need to schedule dental appointments around their work hours.

Comprehensive Dental services
Our doctors provide comprehensive services and thoroughly explain the steps of every procedure prior to treatment.

Comprehensive services

We provide comprehensive dental care including cosmetic dentistry, full-mouth reconstruction, dental implants and dentures. For adult teeth straightening we offer Invisalign clear braces, as well as cutting-edge traditional braces that use special bracket technology for faster and more stable results.

To be able to service all your possible dental needs, our team also includes two experienced dental specialists: Dr. Gary Sigafoos, our periodontist, treats our patients with advanced gum disease, and Dr. Mark Karpman, our endodontist, handles complex root canals.

Keeping you comfortable

Patient comfort is very important to our doctors and staff. You’ll find our office to be a relaxing environment. During your initial visit, your doctor will first give you a tour of our facilities so you will feel well-oriented to our office.

We provide many amenities to help make you comfortable during your treatment. Our friendly staff will offer you pillows and blankets, noise-cancelling headphones, and you can even watch a movie during your procedure. Our patient chairs have a light massage function that many of our patients enjoy and find very relaxing.

Our doctors believe that communication is very important in dentistry and that patients should be fully informed about their oral health and treatment. Using excellent communication skills, the doctors will get to know your needs, thoroughly explain any oral health conditions and clearly lay out all of your options. They will then design a treatment plan that they will go over with you in detail. They will listen to your input and will finalize the treatment plan together with you.

Our doctors use a gentle touch. Their injections are pain-free, and they use high-tech equipment for efficient, comfortable treatment.

Advanced Technology
We use advanced technology to create accurate diagnoses and treatment plans.

Advanced Technology

Our doctors use state-of-the-art technology for high-quality, minimally invasive treatment. This includes special instruments for smooth tooth extractions, ultrasonic scalers for gentle teeth cleaning and lasers for precise gum disease treatment. They use alternatives to dental drills that are more comfortable for patients, including quiet and efficient handpieces and a Waterlase dental laser, which uses a laser in combination with a cooling water spray.

For dental implant treatment, our doctors use 3D dental imaging technology to produce 360º 3D digital images of the mouth, jaws and teeth. This allows them to plan the exact location and angle for the placement of the implants. The result is a highly precise, efficient procedure which makes for minimal discomfort and fast post-operative healing.

Dental implant solutions for missing teeth

Dental implants are now considered the modern solution for missing teeth. An implant is a titanium post that functions as a tooth root. It is topped by a restoration such as a crown or bridge. Implant-supported restorations look, feel and function like natural teeth.

Dr. Justene and Dr. Tran are very experienced implant dentists. They have placed hundreds of implants and have both completed surgical externships and fellowships in implant dentistry. They use state-of-the-art technology for minimally invasive, precise implant placement.

We offer many dental implant options, including denture stabilization, removable and fixed-in implant-supported dentures, implant-supported bridges, and crowns supported by a single implant. Our dentists create beautiful, durable and lifelike restorations that match your smile, so people won’t be able to tell the difference between your restorations and your real teeth.

Dentistry for the entire family
We provide services for the entire family in a warm and friendly environment.

Dentistry for the entire family

We treat patients of all ages and welcome you to bring your little ones in for treatment too!

Our staff and doctors are great with kids. Our pediatric dental care focuses on making children feel comfortable in the dentist’s chair. We offer full dental services for children, including routine hygiene as well as fluoride treatments, sealants, baby root canals and baby crowns.

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