You may know every food to avoid to keep your teeth healthy, but do you know those that you need to eat for better oral and dental health? While brushing and regular visits to your Poway, CA dentist is essential in keeping your teeth healthy, but what better way to keep your teeth strong than with an equally healthy diet, comprising of these healthy snacks you can munch on.

Teeth-Friendly Foods


Though most of them are essential in keeping your body fit, some fruits, especially those rich in citric acid that stains and erodes the teeth, are to be eaten in moderation. On the other hand, others, like strawberries, apples, pineapples, and lemons, are helpful in keeping your mouth clean and bacteria-free, though moderation in eating them should still be practiced.

In the case of pineapples, they contain an enzyme, known as bromelain, which helps break plaque build-up, not to mention stimulates the production of saliva that naturally cleanses the mouth. The rough texture of apples, meanwhile, is almost as good as brushing your teeth (though you’ll still need to brush your teeth after eating them).

Dairy, Ginger, and Sesame Seeds

If you’re concerned with the acids found on fruits, you can neutralize their effects on your teeth by snacking on cheese, ginger, and sesame seeds. Like most dairy products, cheese and milk contain calcium, an essential nutrient in promoting the growth of bones and teeth. Both of these dairy products actually neutralize acid in the mouth and scrub teeth clean (like sesame seeds), and the lactic acid found in cheese prevents tooth decay. Ginger, meanwhile, has been found to be effective in ridding your mouth of bacteria that causes periodontal or gum disease, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Tea and Gum

Yes, you’ve read that right, tea and gum, which are both considered to be bad for dental health, can help in making your teeth clean and healthy. As long as you sip tea from time to time, it can actually keep your mouth healthy. Black and green teas contain compounds known as polyphenols, which are essential in slowing the growth of bacteria that causes gum diseases and cavities, not to mention it likewise slows down plaque build-up. Moreover, these contain another antioxidant, catechin, which also prevents bacteria growth in your mouth.

Before stocking up on those chewing gums, however, remember that only those recommended by the American Dental Association are the best ones, since they increase saliva flow and help remove food particles stuck in between teeth.

Of course, aside from snacking on these foods and brushing your teeth afterwards, going to a dentist from an established practice like A+ Family Dentistry who offers an array of Poway family dental services, can protect your teeth from possible dental problems.


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