Do your family members tell you or do you notice it yourself?

Ninety percent of the time, bad breath is a warning sign of gum disease. When you eat, food get on your teeth and turns into plaque. Plaque is the soft sticky white film. You can remove it with a tooth brush. However, there will be times where you can’t reach an area very well or times where you missed a spot, that film or plaque hardens up on your teeth and sticks like eggs on a pan. Once plaque is left there for several hours, it turns into tartar. Tartar is the hard yellow material. And if left on, more tartar will get on your teeth.

Tartar has millions of bacteria. Bacteria live on tartar and they use your food to produce acid which eats away your teeth and causes cavities. Bacteria also make gases when they eat the food left in your mouth; and these gases are the gasses that you and everyone around you smell. This is the main reason for bad breath.

 How do I treat bad breath?

First, it would best to have a dentist diagnose your mouth for evidence of gum disease. The signs are bleeding gums, bad breath, red gums, itchy gums, and puffy gums. However, there are usually NO SIGNS OF PAIN at all. If there are signs of gum disease, it may be just a cleaning. Other times, it can require a deeper cleaning. However, those treatments are the only way to help with bad breath. Increased brushing and flossing does not get rid of it.

If you have bad breath, let us know. We can help you!

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