Everybody goes through the dreaded toothache dilemma at least once in a lifetime. In fact, it is one of the most common dental problems people have. While most people jump to the conclusion that it is caused by cavities, such is not always the case. Although cavities are the most common cause of toothaches, they are hardly the only one. There are other issues that could be causing the pain and a dentist can help you get to the bottom of it. Here are some of the more obscure causes of toothaches you need to learn about.


Gum Disease

The funny thing about toothaches is that sometimes, the problem isn’t even your teeth. They’re just the tragic victims of some other problem, like gum disease. Gum diseases in their advanced stages can cause toothache even on healthy teeth. Basically, your gums flare up, affecting the bone tissues around your teeth. That causes a dull kind of pain that is oftentimes accompanied by symptoms like swelling and bleeding.

Temporomandibular Disorder

If you are a teeth grinder, what you might be experiencing is not toothache at all but a temporomandibular disorder or TMD. This constant grinding causes pressure on your jaw and causes pain and wear on the surfaces of your teeth. A dentist can fix the damage through certain cosmetic dentistry procedures like crown and bridges.

Tooth Sensitivity

Is drinking something hot or cold causing sharp pain on your teeth? Chances are you have tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity can be caused by many things–receding gums and thinning tooth enamel are two examples. This leaves your teeth’s roots exposed to the open where they can be affected by anything hot or cold you drink or eat. Refrain from drinking acidic beverages and brush only with a soft-bristled toothbrush to help alleviate the symptoms.

Cracked Teeth

Cracked teeth cause a severe kind of stabbing pain especially when you are chewing food. To the naked eye, these small cracks aren’t visible at all. Sometimes, X-rays can’t even detect them because they are hidden well somewhere on a tooth. This is often caused by injuries, bad chewing habits and teeth grinding.

Some people only visit the dentist when they have toothaches. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Poway residents should visit a trusted dentist from practices like A Plus Family Dentistry for checkups at least twice a year to help prevent major dental problems.


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