It’s awesome that more and more people are gearing towards a healthier lifestyle and jumping on the fitness bandwagon. More than the lean muscles and lowered BMIs, however, folks should not forget about their oral health, too.


American adults are recommended to have dental visits at least twice a year to prevent oral problems from ruining natural smiles. Unfortunately, it has become a bad habit to have an appointment only when an illness is already present.

Common oral problems like sensitive teeth, misalignment, and lost dentition may actually be prevented with regular dental visits. A typical dental checkup may thwart severe ailments like gum disease and oropharyngeal cancer by treating early signs of infection and examining your medical history. While minor problems may be easily treated with preventive dentistry, serious conditions may require costly procedures and more frequent appointments.

The Dental Exam

The exam, usually administered by a general dentist, may be divided into two stages: the checkup itself and the cleaning routine.

Signs of plaque and tartar are the primary targets of inspection. Plaque will become tartar if it is not immediately removed, which will cause gum disease or other major ailments with plaque and tartar buildup.

Healthy gums usually have shallow spaces. Other areas of your mouth, as well as your head, face, and neck, are also included in the assessment to see symptoms of inflammation and cancer.

Next comes the deep cleaning. Compared to home cleaning, deep cleaning at clinics in Poway like A+ Family Dentistry requires competent dentists to use special tools to remove tartar in the process called scaling. Once your teeth are scaled, they will be polished using dental paste for stain removal. Finally, you may floss.

Common Treatments Done

In case an illness is found during the visit, minor procedures may be given to prevent further complications. Orthodontics, crowns, and bridges are common immediate remedies done in a dental office.

Dental crowns are artificial replacements of your original crown, usually made with either porcelain, gold or silver metals, or combined porcelain and metal materials. This treatment is an option for patients with damaged or decayed teeth, wherein the CAD/CAM technology is used to fabricate the appliances. Meanwhile, having bridges are an alternative for implants to replace missing teeth, wherein a pontic rather than implant device is placed and anchored to the remaining teeth.

Correcting malocclusions or misaligned teeth are performed through the field of orthodontics. Dental straighteners, like braces and retainers, are placed within the dentition and are to be worn for a specific amount of time. This field is often interchanged with cosmetic dentistry for its aesthetic results of restoring attractive smiles.


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