You may already know that having regular dental checkups with an experienced Poway dentist can greatly help with your dental health, but did you know that checkups can also help you save money? Although a dental checkup evaluates your oral health, many assume that it only covers your teeth. The truth is that it can cover a whole range of diseases that if caught early can be treated affordably and easily.

Save Money

Early Detection of Diseases

Knowledgeable Poway dentists like Dr. Justene Doan, DDS of A+ Family Dentistry often start a dental exam by checking your head and neck first. This focuses on your facial and neck area, as well as your lymph nodes and your lower jaw joints. Checks in these areas can show whether you have developed oral cancer or TMJ disorder, both of which can be treated if caught early.

Oral diseases, however, aren’t the only things an oral exam can detect. Warning signs of diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol levels can also be noticed by dentists. For example, a person suffering from diabetes would have bleeding and sore gums and have frequent infections. Catching these chronic diseases early can mean early treatment, which translates into savings as later stages of such diseases, if left untreated or undetected, can lead to complications. For diabetes victims, this can range from kidney failure to blindness.

Dental Problems are Caught Early

Dental conditions are also an important consideration. The two main problem areas are a person’s gums and the teeth themselves. Gum disease starts as an inflammation of the gums that slowly progresses into an infection that affects the bones and tissue around your teeth. Caused by plaque, it starts as gingivitis and progresses to periodontitis, which can result in your teeth becoming loose and falling out.

Dental cavities are another thing that dentists would be able to detect. Infections that slowly eat into the structure of your teeth, the decay eventually reaches the soft inner part of your pearly whites. This results in pain and the eventual destruction of your teeth. If caught early, both of these conditions can be treated and even reversed, saving you money on future treatments and replacements.

Teeth Cleaning

The last part of any dental exam is a thorough cleaning. The dentist removes plaque and tartar by scraping them away with a special tool. After the scraping, your teeth are polished and the dentist cleans between your teeth. This cleaning ensures your teeth start with a clean slate and that your brushing and flossing have a better effect.


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