The sad fact is, there’s no way of protecting your teeth completely no matter how much time you put into taking care of them. Brushing and flossing regularly, as well as timely visits to your Poway and San Diego dentist are important, but there’s always the possibility of unfortunate circumstances like congenital deformities, having your teeth cracked or knocked out, or caps/bridges that have been pushed out of alignment. Fortunately such situations can be corrected with reconstructive dentistry.


What is reconstructive dentistry?

Reconstructive dentistry involves the complete restoration of the aesthetics and function of one’s teeth, gums, and/or jaw. Such procedures are generally more intricate than cosmetic dentistry, and their serious nature often necessitates putting the patient under conscious sedation. The main difference between reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry is the role that the insurance company plays in them, as many offer coverage for oral restoration, but will not pay for cosmetic dentistry procedures.

When is reconstructive dentistry necessary?

The need for reconstructive dentistry often stems from damage caused by accidents and hereditary factors. However, it’s important to note that poor oral hygiene is also a possible cause. Overcrowding, jaw injuries, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders are examples of conditions that require reconstructive dentistry.

What does reconstructive dentistry involve?

A reconstructive dentistry procedure may involve the construction of new teeth, the creation of implants, or the repair of caps or bridges. Sometimes, the procedure is done to provide existing teeth with the necessary support so that further damage is prevented. Full mouth reconstruction is the most extreme example of this branch of dentistry.

How will you know if you are a good candidate for reconstructive dentistry?

Before you can qualify for reconstructive dentistry, you first need to consult with a qualified dentist. Upon your initial consultation, your dentist will examine your mouth, perform tests, review your medical history, and discuss your options with you.

Where to get reconstructive dentistry?

Trusted San Diego and Poway cosmetic dentist like those at A+ Family Dentistry offer full mouth reconstruction. You can get all the dental procedures you need in one location without the need to visit other places to have the reconstruction work completed. Be sure to check with your insurance company and find out if the particular procedure you need is covered.


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