Everyone wants to keep their pearly whites white but eventually, normal wear and tear will get the best of your teeth. The easiest way to restore your teeth to their former glory is to visit a cosmetic dentist for a teeth whitening session. However, if you want to get the most out of your investment, you need to follow through with proper care for your newly whitened teeth. Here’s how you can maintain that lovely new shine.

cosmetic dentist for a teeth whitening session

Observe Oral Hygiene

Fresh out of the whitening procedure, the best thing you can do for your teeth is to observe proper oral hygiene. Daily brushing after every meal and flossing at least once a day can protect your teeth from discoloration. Use a toothpaste that has whitening properties, cavity protection, and plaque control for best results. Drink plenty of water as well to wash down food residue on the surface of your teeth. If brushing isn’t possible, you can, perhaps, pop a stick of whitening gum. Keep in mind, however, that this is just a temporary solution and brushing is still the best option.

Watch What You Eat (and Drink)

Many kinds of food and drinks can stain your teeth, so you should do your best to avoid them, especially after a teeth whitening procedure. Avoid dark-pigmented food like red grapes asparagus, and beets; as well as artificially-colored foods. Refrain from drinking red wine, tea, cola, and coffee as well. You can still eat and drink but the less color you consume, the better. Milk, yogurt, light-colored juices and water are safer for your teeth. If you absolutely must drink staining liquids, use a straw to minimize the effects on your teeth.

Go Back to the Dentist

Visits to the dentist is always important even if you do not need to get your teeth whitened. This way, he or she can see to your dental health and resolve any sort of problem that might be invisible to you. When you accidentally get some stain on your teeth, the very same cosmetic dentist who whitened your teeth can simply polish the surface to remove the stain, so you won’t have to go through the process sooner than necessary. You can also ask your dentist for an at-home care kit so you can do some damage control yourself.

With good dental habits and the help of your cosmetic dentist, you can maintain the bright smile you’ve always wanted. Poway and San Diego residents can rely on the trusted dentists at A Plus Family Dentistry, who perform a wide range of dental care services for the entire family.


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