If it’s time for a regular dental checkup or if you have oral health problems, visit us at A+ Family Dentistry! Here are the top five reasons to visit us for your dental needs:

  1. We provide individualized dental care.

We are interested in helping each patient with his/her unique oral health needs. From our extensive experience, we know that no two patients are alike. Some patients need simple preventative care, while others need plenty of work done. Some patients just need a gentle approach to treatments, while others require sedation. Some need specialty care and flexible financing options.

The doctors and staff here are trained to really listen, assess each patient’s situation, and recommend individualized care. That means each and every patient gets the best care for him/her.

  1. Our dentists go above and beyond in their profession.

The doctors consistently take more advanced continuing education that’s significantly above the requirement level. Modern dentistry is far more comfortable and gentle compared with yesterday’s dentistry procedures, so we make sure our patients enjoy the current standards.

We also ensure cooperation among specialists (e.g. endodontist, periodontist, oral surgeon) and our dentists when needed. These professionals treat our patients in our office, so patients won’t have to go elsewhere.

All these help us ensure that patients receive the best possible care.

  1. We hire only caring, friendly and honest team members.

We don’t want anything (or anyone) to get in the way of your comfort. Aside from our dentists, our hygienists and office staff are considerate and pleasant toward patients. They also give you all the information and assistance you need.

  1. We understand patients who are uneasy, anxious, or even fearful of dental trips.

Dr. Justene Doan has had a lot of dental work done, and she is a bit apprehensive herself when it comes to receiving dental care. Therefore, she and our other dentists make sure that they are very gentle during any dental consultation or treatment.

  1. Every member of our staff receives on-going training.

From doctors to hygienists, from insurance coordinators to office assistants, our staff is regularly trained by Dr. Doan herself. She makes sure that our entire team is very competent in their tasks and caring toward patients.

A+ Family Dentistry has two office locations for your convenience. Call our San Diego location at 619-2652467 or our Poway office and at 858-748-5100 for appointments and further inquiries.